Product Return Policy


To provide a process for responding to customer refund requests. 

To establish a uniform policy for maintaining record of customer refunds.

To ensure that refund requests are properly documented, disseminated and reported, as per the Safe Medical Devices Act of 1990 and any other applicable laws, regulations, standards and federal guidelines as well as CMS Supplier Standards.


Pure Vita Co. shall monitor and act on mandatory as well as voluntary requests from Medicare Beneficiaries.
For Sales pertaining specific to Medicare Beneficiaries Pure Vita Co. acknowledges and practices CMS Supplier Standards and provides a 30 day refund period beginning date product is received by beneficiary. Product must be returned within a 30 day period
undamaged (unless otherwise documented during delivery), unopened and clearly stated by the beneficiary as to the purpose of return/refund; defined as “Return Period.”

For Sales pertaining to B2B or Business Wholesale transactions, and/or Pure Vita Co. Distribution Agreements terms and conditions are specific to the Pure Vita Co. Distribution Agreement. (Request PVC Distribution Agreement)

Incidents in which a B2B or above mentioned Non-CMS Beneficiary transaction occurs and a refund is requested this policy hereby states all sales are final and a credit memo will be issued to the Account.

Equipment hazard notices and recalls, and incidents involving medical devices resulting in death, serious injury, or serious illness shall be reported to the Performance Improvement Committee and the Board of Directors similar to Product Recall and Discontinuation Policy.

In the event that a replacement item is available and appropriate, Pure Vita Co. will make a reasonable attempt to replace the item and Pure Vita Co. The Finance Department will issue a credit memo to the customer account.

Pure Vita Co. tracks equipment by lot or serial number as governed by the Medical Device Act.


Product return/refund requests shall be managed as follows:

Notify Finance Department of return/refund request if applicable within “return period”

The Finance Department is to review the return/refund request in accordance with the PVC Return Policy. If deemed applicable the Finance Department will issue a full refund OR a credit memo to the customer account depending on the customer type mentioned

If a return/refund or credit memo is not applicable the sales representative will notify the customer as to why the return/refund request was denied in accordance with Pure Vita Co. Return Policy.



Revised By:

Darcy Lawhorn - Co-Founder & COO